Halloween with a twist.

Halloween is a monster holiday in our neighborhood. Every house is decorated with ghost lighting and oversized witches, every one fully designed to spook even the bravest of trick or treaters, and so tonight, while our sons are happily celebrating the season with candy and friends, my husband and I will be passing out full-size Milky Ways and Kit Kats, playing scary music from our porch, and enjoying each Disney princess and Darth Vader and swamp creature that shows up at our door.

But because our kids are a bit older, and no longer require us to go along with them (kinda sad if you ask me), we will (for the very first time) be indulging in a Halloween cocktail, or possibly two. I found a simple option online called The Grave Digger, a fizzy combination of hard cider, whiskey and ginger beer. Just crush some ice, add twice as much hard cider as whiskey and top off with ginger beer. I’ll put ours in a pair of skull glasses for a fizzy fall cocktail with a fun ghoulish twist.

Anyone have a great recipe? I’m always up for trying something new, so if you have a devilishly good fave, let me know! I’ll give it a go and add a picture of my attempt on the site.

Whether you are sharing a cocktail, partying up in a costume or traipsing after your own little ghost or goblin, I hope you enjoy this spooktacular night. Happy Halloween.

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