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Breaking the Bachelor is currently a Kindle Unlimited title, so if you haven’t had a chance to checkout the Smart Cupid series, now is a great time! Follow up the original Cupid story with Unexpectedly His and One Little Kiss. The last title of the series with the working title, No Rescue Required, arrives in 2022. At least that’s what Cupid is currently aiming for. ❤

One Little Kiss

Love blogger Kate Bell is finished with men—especially the hot ones. Of course, her only chance to save her career requires snagging an interview with the man who literally wrote the book on love, reclusive and super-sexy relationship expert Jake Wright. Who happens to be her boss’s brother.

The last thing Jake Wright wants is to be dragged back into the spotlight as a bachelor for his sister’s dating website. But when a sweet and sexy blogger crashes onto his island in the middle of a storm worse than his love life, keeping his hands off proves to be a challenge—especially when they’re stuck sharing the same bungalow.

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5 stars “Maggie Kelley always delivers an adorable story with characters I want to spend thousands of pages with, rather than hundreds. I loved Jake and Kate! Loved this book. It’s sweet, funny, romantic, and had me smiling the whole way through!” ~USA Bestselling Author Robin Bielman

4.5 stars “Both the main characters had me hooked, most especially the hero. Overall, this was an exhilarating and fun read [and] the romance was fulfilling.” ~Bec @ Book Magic

5 stars “HAPPY SIGH. This book. This book is EXACTLY what I wanted and have come to expect from a Maggie Kelley book. It made me laugh, it made me groan in frustration at a character’s obliviousness, and it curled my toes more than once because oh my gosh can this author write a smoldering and sexy kiss!” ~Heather, Goodreads

4 stars “One Little Kiss was really kind of adorable. This ‘new to me’ author impressed the bejeezus out of me.” ~Tami, Goodreads

5 stars “I loved this book – it has probably the best first kiss scene I’ve ever read….sweet, sexy, and oh, so very hot at the same time. It was perfect and the book earned five stars for that scene alone.” ~Linda Q, Goodreads

4 stars “I loved this sweet book! It was what I needed after reading some doozies lately!! This was a pick me up that made me happy when reading it!” ~Short and Sassy

5 stars “A fun, flirty, sexy story about two people who’ve been deeply hurt but still manage to find ways to let love find them anyway. Lots of humor and romance, plus some hot, sexy times. Cute island setting that wraps up back in New York, my favorite of the series so far!”



Sweet and decadent as a giant birthday cake.” Lightning City Book Reviews

“Deliciously Sexy and outrageously entertaining.” Amazon Review

“Too good to put down.” Amazon Review

A total page-turner.” Jackie’s Book World

Simply put…I loved Unexpectedly His.” Amazon Review

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“This book is hot, passionate and has the perfect amount of comedic relief as it explores dating, friendships and life. A fabulous review for Maggie Kelley.” Books I Love A Latte

Trifecta of funny, smart and sexy.” Amazon Review

“I totally swooned over those last few scenes and was sorry to see the book end. The pacing is quick and the dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny at times. I couldn’t put this book down..” Miss Riki, Amazon Review

Loved this book. Kept me intrigued the entire time, and it was such a cute childhood love story!” Amazon Review

“Read this book…NOW.” Amazon Review

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