Two truths and a lie…

Thanks for playing along everyone! Only one correct guess so I guess I’m a better liar than I knew. 😜 Here’s the real skinny…

My first official date with my husband WAS to a party thrown by the lovely & talented, Julianne Moore. My husband likes to say he’s been kissed by an Oscar winner. Also true…on the cheek as were leaving. I let him have the dream.

And yes, oddly enough, I WAS in two new-agey weddings. The first was among the amazing Redwoods. No photos were allowed (because of their soul-stealing properties) so you’ll have to trust me.The second was by one of the bridges in Central Park. Beautiful time in my life.

So…nope, not a self-help gal. I do love Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, but I’ve never read Deepak Chopra or Dr. Phil. And no, I don’t watch Dr. Phil on Demand. But my BFF is an astrologist and I’ve got two tarot decks…so maybe this is a gray area? 😉

True & Lie

Release Week #xoxo

Thank you to everyone who picked up One Little Kiss, stopped by one of the blogs on the tour, or spent some time with Stefanie London and I during our Lovestruck takeover.  This week’s been a dream and you’ve all been part of it. Hope this weekend finds you kissing the one you love…make it a good one. 😉

xoxo. MK.


5 stars “Maggie Kelley always delivers an adorable story with characters I want to spend thousands of pages with, rather than hundreds. I loved Jake and Kate! Loved this book. It’s sweet, funny, romantic, and had me smiling the whole way through!” ~USA Bestselling Author Robin Bielman

4.5 stars “Both the main characters had me hooked, most especially the hero. Overall, this was an exhilarating and fun read [and] the romance was fulfilling.” ~Bec @ Book Magic

5 stars “HAPPY SIGH. This book. This book is EXACTLY what I wanted and have come to expect from a Maggie Kelley book. It made me laugh, it made me groan in frustration at a character’s obliviousness, and it curled my toes more than once because oh my gosh can this author write a smoldering and sexy kiss!” ~Heather, Goodreads

4 stars “One Little Kiss was really kind of adorable. This ‘new to me’ author impressed the bejeezus out of me.” ~Tami, Goodreads

5 stars “I loved this book – it has probably the best first kiss scene I’ve ever read….sweet, sexy, and oh, so very hot at the same time. It was perfect and the book earned five stars for that scene alone.” ~Linda Q, Goodreads

4 stars “I loved this sweet book! It was what I needed after reading some doozies lately!! This was a pick me up that made me happy when reading it!” ~Short and Sassy

5 stars “One Little Kiss has romantic comedy written all over it. Move over My Best Friend’s Wedding, because Maggie Kelley is gunning for you. Full of precious moments of humor and heart.  A deserted island, a freak storm and lots of sexual tension could end up putting this clueless duo in a perfectly awkward position. Perfect movie material.” Isha

5 stars “I really loved this book this is the third book in the series and they just keep getting better” Poppy

One Little Kiss

Sometimes that’s all it takes. One kiss. One look. One touch of a hand and BOOM. It’s all over but the lovin’. I can still remember the first time I fell seriously lovestruck. I’d been working on a film in Pittsburgh and the director and stars of the movie threw a boat party mid-way through filming. My best friend was to be my date but ditched me (in the nicest of ways) for a man she’d been crushing on (totally reasonable). So I asked the man who is now my husband to go with me. Maybe he was starstruck. Maybe his falling was inevitable, I don’t know, but I can still remember how sweetly he took my hand to guide me up the stairs to the upper deck of the boat. That was the moment I knew. It happens.

Next month, the third installment of my Entangled Lovestruck series, Smart Cupid, will release and I’m simply beside myself with excitement. One Little Kiss, the story of Jake Wright and Smart Cupid blogger, Kate Bell, is a fun, sexy story about how a kiss can lead…so many places…and how sometimes the best way to find love is to not look for it at all. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Entangled Lovestruck, One Little Kiss, available everywhere May 8!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What am I thankful for?

1. My sons and their good health, safety, and love.
2. The relative patience & total decency of my husband.
3. The ability to live a creative life…a gift I owe to all of you…joyful readers, lovely writer friends, beautiful bloggers, supportive editors and a terrific publisher.

So as an expression of my thankfulness, I’m giving away a few super-cute tees (I think) & e-copies of the second Cupid book, UNEXPECTEDLY HIS.

To enter this impromptu Thanksgiving #giveaway, just let me know what makes you feel happy & grateful. Sometime today or later this week…leave a comment here, and share why you’re thankful , or visit my website ( and leave a note, or say “happy Thanksgiving” on Twitter @kelley_maggie …anyone I hear from will be entered into a random drawing…just my small way of saying “Thank you with <3"


The Year of Living Anxiously

Yep, it’s been a while…and I’ve been, well, let’s just dive on in…

About a year ago, my son, an eight-year old shortstop, on a team full of eight-year baseball players hit a line drive up the middle, and as he’d done many times before, hustled safely to first, easily running through the bag. Then, my eight-year old shortstop turned to the coach and asked for a pinch runner. A. Pinch. Runner. My son played baseball constantly. In our living room. His bedroom. The playroom. The shower. Hell, he slept with his mitt. A pinch runner?

His coach called my husband over. I joined my son in the dugout. There was a small bit of swelling near his right eye. He had a headache. He was tired. But in spite of feeling not-so-great, he didn’t want to leave. If he couldn’t play, he’d watch the game, support his team. Patiently, I suggested he let his team win this one, rest up, and play in the next game—tomorrow.

Except he wouldn’t play for months.

Back at home, his eye continued to swell, now accompanied by some pain. Concerned, I took him to the local hospital where he was diagnosed with a simple eye infection. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic and assured he’d be good-to-go in a couple days. Baseball. Bikes. All the normal eight-year old stuff.

Except the antibiotic failed to work.

The swelling continued; the headache came back, along with a lot more pain. Now long past concern, my husband and I raced him to the city’s Children’s Hospital, where our son was rushed to the ER and plugged into a bunch of machines. IV antibiotics. CT scans. Emergency surgery.

Not an eye infection. My son was suffering with something called Puffy-Potts tumor, a rare bacterial infection in the sinus and it was pressing like a tumor against his optic nerve and his Dura membrane. Against his brain.

Doctors came in and out. Emergency. Neurology. Ophthalmology. Infectious. Intensive Care. And yet, throughout the week in the hospital, I stayed calm. Eerily calm. Processing information. Making decisions. Only when a volunteer stopped in to give my son a stuffed lizard did my calm desert me. “He’ll be okay,” she said. And I realized there was concern that my son might die.

But I reassembled my calm—what choice did I have?—and my son recovered. We spent the next months at home on antibiotics, limited activity, following up with more doctor appointments and scans. He was going to be fine. But strangely, I was no longer calm.

As I tried to return to normal, all my carefully managed emotions muscled their way back. Tears for no apparent reason, yes, but the feeling at the forefront of my brain? Guilt. Plain, old-fashioned, ugly guilt. Had this been my fault? Had I not been paying enough attention? Should I have been more suspicious of his headache? Or taken antibacterial wipes to that game—the one after which they’d eaten pizza at the field? Shit. Maybe he shouldn’t have been sleeping with that damn mitt. Or was it simpler? Had I been working too much?


Despite reassurances from doctors, my husband, my parents, brothers, friends…I couldn’t shake the guilt. Am I being careful enough? Am I watching enough? Am I hovering? Is he okay? Not okay? Literally making myself crazy. But shaking the guilt is tough. Even yesterday as we decorated for Halloween, the sun zeroed in on the scar on his forehead, practically laser-focused on the constant reminder of those days and months, and I felt the guilt.

But maybe that scar can be a reminder of my son’s incredible strength, too. And maybe—just maybe—he got some of that from me. Better to focus on that than the guilt. I’m working on it.

So, I’m sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth for a bit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who reached out wondering where the hell I was, everyone who hung in there with me. I feel lucky to have so many friends, people who care. So, here’s to you, and to the next three-hundred and sixty-five days. Let’s make it The Year of Living Happily Ever After.


(Smart) Cupid Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY <3

Thank you to everyone who came to the Lovestruck Facebook party last night! So much fun, but now, Valentine’s weekend is here, and Cupid is slinging arrows all over town. cupid graphic

I’m looking for inspiration for the hero of book three in the Smart Cupid series, so please, pretty please, post a photo of your fantasy hero, or let me in on your dreams for a perfect date Everyone who comments will be entered to win a signed copy of UNEXPECTEDLY HIS.

AND I’ve scored signed copy of KISSING MR. WRONG from award-winning Kerri Carpenter and FOR SEVEN NIGHTS ONLY from the uber-talented Sarah Ballance, two of my favorite Lovestruck gals. The books and a few extras will be delivered to the winner in a sweet valentine bag (and yes, there WILL be candy).

Winners will be drawn on Monday. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter for an extra entry…and thank you for getting Lovestruck in February ❤