Two truths and a lie…

Thanks for playing along everyone! Only one correct guess so I guess I’m a better liar than I knew. 😜 Here’s the real skinny…

My first official date with my husband WAS to a party thrown by the lovely & talented, Julianne Moore. My husband likes to say he’s been kissed by an Oscar winner. Also true…on the cheek as were leaving. I let him have the dream.

And yes, oddly enough, I WAS in two new-agey weddings. The first was among the amazing Redwoods. No photos were allowed (because of their soul-stealing properties) so you’ll have to trust me.The second was by one of the bridges in Central Park. Beautiful time in my life.

So…nope, not a self-help gal. I do love Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, but I’ve never read Deepak Chopra or Dr. Phil. And no, I don’t watch Dr. Phil on Demand. But my BFF is an astrologist and I’ve got two tarot decks…so maybe this is a gray area? 😉

True & Lie

2 thoughts on “Two truths and a lie…

  1. I don’t want to join the contest, because I know you and it would be unfair! Just wanted to say hi and that I know you were at that party given by Julianne Moore–I remember you telling us about it! Suzanne Gates

    • Hey, Friend! Thanks for stopping by and following along…you are a sweetheart. Kinda can’t wait for The Glamorous Dead. If you have an ARC or if I can support the story in any way, LMK. I know it’s gonna be FAB.

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