One Little Kiss…



Island romance … is anything more seductive than escaping to a tropical paradise with a sexy man? Not a chance. Unless, of course, it’s being stranded in paradise during a storm with a sexy man who might be The One. And since we’re talking romance novels, there’s nothing I like better than a classic forced-proximity scenario. Undeniable sparks between two people that ultimately lead to love? Fall for it every time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the romantic tropes. A fun, matchmaking story? You bet. Friends to lovers? Story of my life. Marriage of convenience? Where the hell is my Amex card? But for me, there’s nothing like a sizzling, stranded-in-a-storm story.  So when I had a chance to take the heroine of my new Lovestruck, One Little Kiss, to an island paradise and maroon her there for thirty-six hours with a sexy relationship expert, well, I dove right in.

Kate Bell is a woman who believes in love but always seems to choose the wrong guy. Her super-sized heart and poor dating choices land her in relationships she thinks are love but end up in disaster. And although Jake Wright is an expert on other peoples’ relationships, his own marriage ended in flames, which is why he’s spent the past three years living on an isolated island in the tropics. So when Kate shows up in paradise looking to haul him back to New York City as a bachelor for, Jake wants nothing to do with her. But then…the classic, inescapable storm strands them together in his bungalow and works its magic (did I mention I love this trope?).

Yep, it’s the intimacy of the storm that allows these two love-damaged people to let go of their carefully-managed defenses and give into in a kiss that leads to a night of sexy times. Will their one night of passion mean anything when the two reconnect back on the island of Manhattan? I hope you’ll find a rainy, spring afternoon to indulge in One Little Kiss and find out for yourself. On Sale Now…just .99.

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