Love, Romance and Other Great Mysteries of Life…

Isn’t love funny?

You fall for the exact right guy at the exact wrong moment. Or the wrong guy at what feels like the exact right time.

Or maybe, you fall for the guy your BFF introduced you to because she’s crushing on him, and the guy turns out to be the one who used to date your brother’s current girlfriend who he may just marry. Confused? So was I. And yes, I married that guy. My brother….not so much.

But that’s love. Crazy. Unexpected. Wonderful. Love.

And for me, few things recreate the feeling of The Fall like an afternoon spent with no children, total control of the remote and my favorite rom-coms. So, here are my besties. But if there’s a romantic comedy you love that’s not on the list, please let me know in the comments. My husband owes me a rom-com afternoon. Soon.

5. SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK.  Football, family, mental illness…what’s not to love? Oh, and Bradley Cooper. I fell for BC when he was just the geekster on ALIAS and the man has yet to fail me. His portrayal of the story’s unstable hero who loves his ex-wife (or the idea of her) so much that he refuses to accept his marriage is over is both funny and desperately sad. Jennifer Lawrence matches him moment-by-moment and as the relationship unfolds, it is so clear, these two crazies are MFEO.

4. Can’t have a list of great romantic comedies without Julia Roberts. Cause she’s the best. Tough call, but I’ll go with MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING because who doesn’t  have that friend-almost-lover with whom the timing never felt right and then…suddenly, “the moment just passes you by.”

3. THE HANGOVER. Yes, you read that right, and while it is not a typical choice, this movie is a hilarious ode to Contemporary Bromance. Beside, in the end there’s totally a wedding and Bradley Cooper never looked better. Booyah.

2. FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL. I believe that if Andie McDowell was zapped by a shrinking machine and dropped into a paper lunch bag, she would not be able to act her way out, and yet, that doesn’t matter at all because she is so damned lovable (and gorgeous). Plus, the writing is sublime, the supporting acting fantastic and the Auden poem included in the film breaks my heart every time. All this, and Hugh Grant at his most charming.

1. Easy peasy…WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING. Sandra Bullock before she was glamorous was the Perfect Girl Next Door. Heartfelt performances, a unique and hilarious premise, terrific writing and big-time nutty characters, make WYWS the Perfect Romantic Comedy, top to bottom. And, let’s be reals, if Bill Pullman gave me a sly smile, tossed a diamond into my toll booth and lay his tender heart on the line, baby, you can bet I’d let him in. Forever. Amen.

So, here’s to “True love. In whatever shape or form it may come. May we all in our dotage be proud to say, “I was adored once too.”

Quoted from Four Weddings and a Funeral

13 thoughts on “Love, Romance and Other Great Mysteries of Life…

  1. With an emphasis on funny — Brigitte Jones Diary, Me Myself and Irene, Overboard, Harold & Maude. Also 19th century romcom with an emphasis on romance — Pride and Predjudice.

    • Well, you KNOW I love Pride and Prejudice. I am watching the BBC version now and it is awesome. And Harold & Maude is a classic…but come on, The Hangover…atypical, but funny, right? 🙂

      Thanks for commenting. Check me out on Twitter – @kelley_maggie. When I hit 300 followers, I’ll be gifting a copy of any of Samanthe Beck’s wonderfully funny, terrifically steamy Brazen novels.

  2. Hangover was original and very funny, tops in the bromance category, I agree. Bradley Cooper is a babe. Bridesmaids hilarious too but from the female point of view. It was a little too ‘close to home’ and made me a kinda anxious but also very funny.

  3. Pretty Woman. Silver Linings–yes yes yes! Pride and Prejudice, 2006 version. Love, Actually. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When Harry Met Sally. Runaway Bride. Bridget Jones. And Julia Stiles’ The Prince and Me. (I don’t love romcoms much, do I???) Thanks, Maggie, for making me think. Too bad there’s no time to watch!!!!

    • Love, Actually is by the same people who made Notting Hill and Four Weddings, both of which I love. The only reason I didn’t include that one in the top five is because its pathos outweighs the comedy for me…although Hugh Grant’s dancing scene is adorable and I LOVE Martine McCutcheon who plays his girlfriend. Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally – sigh…there’s never enough time to indulge in fine romantic comedy (IMHO). I could talk about it all night. I’m always trying to figure out what makes a great one, well…great.

      Thanks for stopping by, Miranda! can’t wait to read your first Indulgence!

  4. Oh, my goodness! Harken back to 1957 and the American Classic: AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant. In my view, this film is the essence of ROMANCE!!!!!! Take a look!

  5. I’d have to throw Foul Play in there – the way the midget (or “dwarf”) forgives “Ms. Mundi” (Goldie Hawn) after she beats him severely was too sweet. Perhaps not the stuff of romcom, but comedy and true love in the highest.

    • I don’t know…when the midget falls out of the window…pretty hilariously comedic to me. Of course, Chevy Chase is no Bradley Cooper, but there is so much to love about that movie. Burgess Meredith is a riot, Dudley Moore makes me laugh out loud and Goldie is adorable and, um, the movie opens with a Barry Manilow. Romantic enough for me. 😉 Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Enjoy the quote.

      Gloria Mundy: Hey, wait a minute. It’s *my* ass they’re after.
      Tony Carlson: I’m sorry. You’re right. That was a stupid, glib, chauvinist remark and I apologize. It *is* your ass they’re after, and it’s my job to see to it that… I get there first.

  6. When Harry met Sally, pretty woman! Come on! Kudos to melly Mel for Overboard!

    Where are the golden oldies? Sabrina, Philadelpiha Story!

    • Miranda mentioned When Harry Met Sally, too, a film I like, but don’t love. For me, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal don’t compare to Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant in terms of likability or subtlety and depth of performance. I do, however, agree the film is a classic contemporary rom-com, maybe even the definite one. And I love the friends who refuse to love each other, but love each other anyway story. Unlike My Best Friend’s Wedding, in WHMS, the lovers decide they do belong together. But I always wondered if Harry was a good match for Sally. Best thing about that movie is Rob Reiner’s choice to cut in real people talking about marriage. Now, that’s the stuff of love. Thanks for commenting. I love to talk movies. 🙂

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