Rolling Rock, Jimmy Buffet and Happy Anniversary to The One

Imagine a rooftop bar, twinkling white lights, a metal bucket of ice-cold Rolling Rock, and me, a hapless young actress in town performing a four week run of The Glass Menagerie, walking through a crowd of unfamiliar twenty-something’s toward The One. Granted, I didn’t know he was The One as I strolled toward the spot where he was debating the merits of dating with my BFF. But hell, I was never all that smart. In fact, it took two to get the match made, but I knew that night under the early autumn sky in a bar uptown that I could talk to this guy…forever. He was hilarious, self-deprecating…and yes, hot. The dating trifecta. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a cool, rooftop bar.

In the years between our meet-cute and our eventual wedding, there were happy hours and late-night diners, Jimmy Buffett concerts, faux grass skirts and invitation-only Sumo wrestling events (don’t ask). There were also separations of distance, work-related trips to LA, successful and not-so-successful auditions, and one relentlessly impossible ex. Eventually, we got our shit together and got married in a sweet church in the town where we grew up. Today, we celebrate a big anniversary, and the other night he made me laugh so hard, I peed my pants. Guess that means, he’s still The One.


What’s your story? Do you believe in love at first sight? Or are you more a friends-to-lovers person? Let me know. How-did-you-meet stories are my favorites.

2 thoughts on “Rolling Rock, Jimmy Buffet and Happy Anniversary to The One

  1. Even though it didn’t workout with Dr Karl and me…I couldn’t be any happier for my bestie and her hotter than Han Solo hubby. Did I ever say thanks for picking an awesome bridesmaid’s dress? Love always to you both.

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