Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What am I thankful for?

1. My sons and their good health, safety, and love.
2. The relative patience & total decency of my husband.
3. The ability to live a creative life…a gift I owe to all of you…joyful readers, lovely writer friends, beautiful bloggers, supportive editors and a terrific publisher.

So as an expression of my thankfulness, I’m giving away a few super-cute tees (I think) & e-copies of the second Cupid book, UNEXPECTEDLY HIS.

To enter this impromptu Thanksgiving #giveaway, just let me know what makes you feel happy & grateful. Sometime today or later this week…leave a comment here, and share why you’re thankful , or visit my website ( and leave a note, or say “happy Thanksgiving” on Twitter @kelley_maggie …anyone I hear from will be entered into a random drawing…just my small way of saying “Thank you with <3"


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