One Little Kiss

Sometimes that’s all it takes. One kiss. One look. One touch of a hand and BOOM. It’s all over but the lovin’. I can still remember the first time I fell seriously lovestruck. I’d been working on a film in Pittsburgh and the director and stars of the movie threw a boat party mid-way through filming. My best friend was to be my date but ditched me (in the nicest of ways) for a man she’d been crushing on (totally reasonable). So I asked the man who is now my husband to go with me. Maybe he was starstruck. Maybe his falling was inevitable, I don’t know, but I can still remember how sweetly he took my hand to guide me up the stairs to the upper deck of the boat. That was the moment I knew. It happens.

Next month, the third installment of my Entangled Lovestruck series, Smart Cupid, will release and I’m simply beside myself with excitement. One Little Kiss, the story of Jake Wright and Smart Cupid blogger, Kate Bell, is a fun, sexy story about how a kiss can lead…so many places…and how sometimes the best way to find love is to not look for it at all. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Entangled Lovestruck, One Little Kiss, available everywhere May 8!

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