Cupid is taking aim and all it takes this time is ONE LITTLE KISS.

Thank you to Erin Dameron-Hill for an adorable cover for the third Smart Cupid novel (it’s pink & I love it!). So excited to share Jake and Kate’s story with all of you…burning up e-readers starting May 8.

Mind. Blown.

thumbnail_OLK_500 final cover

2 thoughts on “ONE LITTLE KISS–Cover Reveal!

    • Suzanne! I love that you love it! (It *is* super cute). As you know, this particular story has been a long time coming…hope you have fun (and sweet memories of Barnes & Noble) while reading it. Your support means so much.

      I’ll be pre-ordering The Glamorous Dead, a cool Halloween treat that’s better than candy! Can’t wait!!!! xo. MK.

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